Ensure that your children get fresh food every day

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About Kingswood Catering

Kingswood Catering have put together healthy, nutritious meal options which not only cater for a wide range of choices, and dietary needs, but also taste good and can be enjoyed by your child. We give you the ability to select their dinners from up to five different options every day.

With nearly 30 years’ experience, we ensure your child has a delicious meal daily which has been approved by you.

Charted Institute of Environmental Health
City & Guilds Qualified
"Thank you for everything that you have done for Alfie, Without Kingswood Catering during Lockdown and all your fantastic recipes and he was also a competition winner in which he won an apron, A Gruffalo cook book and a weeks worth of food.. This made him really proud and gave him something to look forward to so we wish yourself and all the staff a HUGE THANK YOU. "
Wilby C of EVA Primary School