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At present Schools are due to reopen for all children in September and our site is now ready to take your order.

Some schools have decided they are not ready to return to hot dinners at the moment so these will remain on a packed lunch menu with 3 options.

Where schools had chosen to return to hot dinners there will be a limited choice of a main meal and vegetarian alternative as well as three choices of hot meals, we hope to increase the number of meal choice later in the year.

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We have produced a number of Youtube videos under the banner of "Cooking with Kingswood".

You will see how to make a pizza, loaded potato, cheese and chive frittata, bread and butter pudding and more. 

Go to Youtube and put into the search bar "Cooking with Kingswood"

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About Kingswood Catering

Kingswood Catering have put together healthy, nutritious meal options which not only cater for a wide range of choices, and dietary needs, but also taste good and can be enjoyed by your child. We give you the ability to select their dinners from up to five different options every day.

With nearly 30 years’ experience, we ensure your child has a delicious meal daily which has been approved by you.

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