Meals and Menus

Our menus are on a three week cycle and change three times a year so we can include seasonal dishes wherever possible.

Our team work closely with schools to ensure that the needs of each school have been met. We can even develop our menus with the pupils of schools and their parents so we can produce truly unique choices.

Each menu for every school has multiple options so every child is encouraged to eat a full, healthy meal.

A Kingswood lunch is...

Is prepared by qualified cooks who use traditional cooking skills.
Is made from locally sourced and can include organic and free-range ingredients.
Provides your child with a choice of up to five meals per day.
Provides a menu which is nutritionally balanced over the course of a whole week.
Can cater for most children with special dietary requirements.
Encourages healthy eating and an interest in food from an early age.
Provides your child with an opportunity to sit down and enjoy their meal while developing essential social skills.
Encourages your child to widen their food experience by trying new foods with their peers.
Takes away the monotony of providing a packed lunch from home every day.

"I would just like to say thank you so much for the outstanding customer service you consistently provide to such a forgetful mother! Thank you so much for saving me making jam sandwiches!"
Hackleton Primary

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